Remote Controlled Gundam Robot Walks Better Than Stephen Hawking

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GUNDAM!! Who hasn't watched a Gundam cartoon and wished they were 13 years old and piloting one of these huge mechs? Here's the next, next, next, next best thing to that. The remote controlled Gunwalker robot lets you walk the guy in "true two leg walking action" by using the "Magna Traction System".

How does this space-age technology work? Electro-magnets in the soles "communicates timing to the system so one foot remains planted on the combat field". In regular-speak, that means this guy shouldn't fall down when you're walking him around your dining room table. Plus, he comes with a gun, a bigger gun, a knife, a little man to step on, and a bright red cyclopean eye.


Product Page [Kyosho via Kyosho]

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