Repairing a $30,000 Earth Mover tire is not nearly as simple as fixing a flat on your Hyundai. Dozens of steps are necessary. Watching it all go down is an experience comprised of buffing, skiving, scooping, filling, stripping, stitching and more oh-so-satisfying steps.


The footage below was filmed by REMA TIP TOP Company, a German company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for this sort of industrial size tire repair. But the process of fixing one of these big ass tires is less about tools, more about expertise and patience.

It’s a good thing these ridiculously expensive OTR tires come with a 4,000-hour warranty because no one should have to go through this very often. It seems like it would be pretty stressful to actually do this. Lucky for us, it’s actually quite relaxing to watch.

[Extreme Machines Magazine]

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