Report: Apple's Trying to Wean Itself Off of Samsung's Chips

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While Apple and Samsung have been duking it out over patents, there's always been the quiet, underlying irony that Samsung makes a whole bunch of the chips Apple relies on. Now, according to reports from CNET and MacRumors, Apple's trying to change that.


It's not exactly surprising. Apple already hired a big chip designer out from under Samsung. Now they're just taking the next steps.

As an industry source put it to CNET:

"The Apple-Samsung relationship has deteriorated to such a poor point that they're just looking to fill contractual obligations, then make a change."

That change, it seems, is moving to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company at 20 nanometers, a company that no doubt considers the giant's business a huge boon. There are also rumors that Apple and Intel have been in talks when it comes to more advanced 14 nanometer production, though that seems further off.

A change like this doesn't happen in an instant because it's such a huge shift, but that makes it all the more noteworthy that it's starting. If you thought Apple and Samsung were just going to kiss and make up, you were probably a bit deluded from the start, but this just goes to show that the rift is ever-widening. [CNET, MacRumors]




I've always found the whole apple suing samsung but samsung makes the chips that go in apple products thing kind of hilarious. Although I'm sure it would cost samsung a ton of money and they would likely be in breach of any number of contracts, it would be awesome of samsung would just tell apple to fuck off and completely quit supplying them with components. It would completely cripple apple's production of the iphone, ipad, etc. and I'd just love to see how apple would react. I'm pretty sure apple needs samsung more than samsung needs apple.