Report: Dish Is Working on a Web-Based TV Offering For $20-$30/Month

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A day after Dish announced that it'll carry Disney without skipping through ads, Bloomberg is reporting that Dish is cooking up a web-based TV offering that will only cost you 30 bucks a month, max.


According to Bloomberg, this deal is the first of many for a Dish internet streaming service for only $20-$30. It would be a mix of both traditional cable and network offerings, and the next target is Comcast-owned NBCUniversal, says Bloomberg. Of course, you've heard it time and time again—the white whale of this operation, as with the TV futures Apple and Sony and everyone is trying to land, is getting content providers on board.

But, as Re/Code's Peter Kafka pointed out, the Disney deal (which includes Disney-owned outfits ESPN and ABC) has opened the door. Or at the very least, it's opened it a crack. The fact of the matter is that traditional cable companies don't have much of a motivation to change their existing model, i.e. the one that requires you to pay for a bunch of channels, even if you're only watching a handful of them. So a web-based TV service probably won't to diverge much from that. Meaning, there will be ads whether you like it or not.

This service is not here yet. Dish hasn't confirmed and won't comment. The takeaway is that, in light of the Disney deal, it's possible. And it's more appealing to the fat cat cable companies that don't really have much of a monetary motivation to mess with the thing they have going in the first place. [Bloomberg]

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