Report: Google's Barge Will Be an Invite-Only Google X Showroom

Illustration for article titled Report: Googles Barge Will Be an Invite-Only Google X Showroom

CBS is reporting that Google's barge will "feature luxury showrooms and a party deck" for the search giant to show off projects coming out of Google X to special, invite-only clients.

Citing "multiple sources", CBS explains that the barge has been in the planning for over a year, and was masterminded at Google X in Mountain View. The report suggests that it's the pet project of Sergey Brin, and "is Google’s attempt to upstage rival Apple and its chain of popular retail stores." Which, well, it kinda is right now.

A source claiming to have been aboard the barge explained to CBS that the first three floors are“dazzling showrooms” while upstairs there is a “party deck” with bars, lanais and other luxuries. The idea behind the interchangeable shipping containers is that they can be swapped and changed—and shipped around the world at will. Sounds... plausible.


Of course, none of this is confirmed in way, shape or form. It could still house some kind of top secret military project for all we know. But it does seem likely that it's a showroom of sorts. [CBS]

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Invite only? I'll just barge in.