Report: Nokia Maps Replace Bing in Windows Phone 8

Illustration for article titled Report: Nokia Maps Replace Bing in Windows Phone 8

Big week for mapping news. Google's got a bunch of new stuff, like offline maps. Apple's got its own maps now too. And Microsoft is reportedly making the switch from Bing to Nokia's maps for all phones in Windows Phone 8. Awesome.


The report, from WPCentral, follows similar stories that Nokia would be the default app, but it makes sense to just rename it Maps and eliminate any confusion. The switch would also bring in Nokia's 3D navigation, and transit directions. That transit info is especially juicy, since it's actually more detailed than Google's in some ways, and Apple doesn't have any first party transit info—it's sourcing it out to third parties.

Is it enough to make Windows Phone a true player? Not on its own, no. But there are other bits coming in the next few weeks, particularly at the Windows Phone Developer Summit on June 20. Plus, it'll be nice to not have Bing drop you off a dozen blocks from your destination. [WP Central via Verge]


Seriously, who is using maps on daily basis or how many times you use a map a year?