Report: Tesla's Model 3 Displays Will Be Provided By LG

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The Model 3’s ultra-streamlined dashboard design was the breakout star of last night’s big reveal: No gauges, no monitors behind the steering wheel, just a single horizontal screen to the driver’s right. And according to a Reuters story, LG is supplying that screen.


Neither LG or Tesla confirmed the report, of course, but someone who claims to know about such things says that LG will be the “sole supplier for the 15-plus inch center display of Model 3.” That would mean Tesla is moving away from its current supplier, TPK Holdings, who makes the displays for the S and X.

It’s also important to note that this one-screen concept is only Tesla’s “production intention”—meaning it has yet to be tested for feasibility and safety. And as our friends at Jalopnik have pointed out, it will likely be awhile until we know full production specs for sure, due to the fact that everyone and their mom has already signed up for one.


Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.



What is wrong with traditional gauges? Look how tiny the speedo is. As an IT dude and car freak, get this horseshit out of the automobile. Imagine getting pulled over...

Officer Dumbass: “Do you know how fast you were driving?”

Leadfoot Driver: “ Oh, I don’t know lemme close a few windows and close my Spotify. Well shit Officer, I cannot tell how fast I was going, prolly 50 miles per hour give or a take few”