Report: YouTube Music Key Will Bring Offline Playback for $10 a Month

Illustration for article titled Report: YouTube Music Key Will Bring Offline Playback for $10 a Month

Android Police reports that Google's forthcoming subscription version of YouTube will be called YouTube Music Key. And even if there are tons of streaming music services out there, this YouTube offering sounds like it could be different in some exciting ways.

YouTube's supposedly had a subscription streaming service in works for a long, long time, bit official reports earlier this summer suggested we might be getting it very soon. According to Android Police we can expect a $10 per month (after a 30 day trial) subscription service that will let you download songs so that you can play them offline. It appears that the service will also include a subscription to Google Play Music Key, which sounds a whole lot like Google Play Music All Access.


The report claims that the new service will be focused on remixes, live concert material, and other exclusive material, which is the kind of thing that YouTube does very well, and the popular streaming music services haven't exactly figured out how to do. Indeed given the rising—if still niche—popularity of SoundCloud, this could be the coolest new music service in years. [Android Police]

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If its part of Google Play thats cool, but if its a separate subscription I couldn't even begin to care about it.