Reuters/NHK: Toshiba To Pull Plug on HD DVD Next Week

Illustration for article titled Reuters/NHK: Toshiba To Pull Plug on HD DVD Next Week

Both Japan's NHK and Reuters are reporting that Toshiba is going to finally pull the trigger on HD DVD, ending the format war after being punted by Wal-Mart (the country's biggest retailer), Best Buy and Netflix. The official announcement will come next week, though Reuters' source confirmed that "We have entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business." RIP HD DVD, you will always have a place on our mantle. At least until we buy a Blu-ray player. But really. Update IDG's spin on the NHK story is that Toshiba has already halted production. Also, Toshiba confirmed it was mulling doing the deed, which sent its stock through the roof. [Reuters]

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@AJ_Syrinx: Disagree. I sat on the fence about the PS3 until I knew the Blu-Ray drive would still be useful in two years. Look how much the PS3 sales were up in January— almost caught up to the Wii. I wouldn't be surprised to see the PS3 beat the Wii either this month or next.