Reveal the Mars Phoenix's Classified Discoveries With Photoshop

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The Mars Phoenix said goodbye last week. It's very sad, like the end of Wall-E. Publicly, the Mars Phoenix was sent to study the planet's water history and whether it could have ever supported life. But we've all seen enough sci-fi movies involving the government to know that there's probably more to it than that, especially if Tommy Lee Jones is involved. So, use Photoshop to show us what the Mars Phoenix really discovered that the government doesn't want us to know about. Here's some Mars Phoenix images to get started. Create your masterpiece by next Tuesday morning and email it to Name your file FirstnameLastname.jpg and save it as a JPG, PNG or GIF. I'll go through the entries and select three winners and put the rest of the best in the Gallery of Champions. Get to it, so we know what we'll be up against in the next War of the Worlds


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Wow, Matt took over the photoshop contests? I thought it was a Fucci thing.