Revealed: Two Major New Characters Who Are Going to Shake Up Terra Nova

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So you think you know what's going on in the new dinosaur drama Terra Nova? Think again. Some casting calls have come down the pike for a couple of major characters who are going to shake up the prehistoric world.

Major spoilers ahead...

First off, it looks like we're not going to have to wait too long to meet Nathaniel Taylor's missing son — a casting call for Alex Taylor went out in July, meaning he's probably in the next few episodes. (Although judging from a more recent casting call, the character's been renamed Lucas Taylor.) So who is Lucas Taylor?


Obviously, he's the guy who's been out in the jungle scratching equations into the rocks. But he's also more estranged from his dad than we've realized — he hates his father, because of something that happened in Somalia in 2138, when his father had to make a tough choice and he may have chosen wrong. Lucas feels as though his dad abandoned the future Earth in favor of a pie-in-the-sky notion of starting over in the past. Billions of people will die, and his father doesn't care. Nathaniel defends his ideas, but Lucas tells him "it won't be up to you."

And that's because Lucas has a friend, back in the future — Weaver, the leader of the "shadowy group looking to exploit Terra Nova." In a bit of irony, Weaver wants to do to Terra Nova what Stephen Lang tried to do to Pandora in Avatar. He's not interested in starting over and doing it differently, and he's packing some major hardware to go along with the Eleventh Pilgrimage.


Weaver plans a major assault on Terra Nova, with Nathaniel Taylor and Jim Shannon building up their fortifications in response — and from the script pages we've read, it gets pretty intense. (Unlike the somewhat cheesy/melodramatic script pages we've read from the earlier episodes, the script pages we read from episodes 12 and 13 have a bit of a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine vibe to them.) The Shannons are right on the front line, confronting Weaver and Lucas, and there are some pretty powerful scenes.

All in all, it looks like Terra Nova season one ends with a bit of a bang.