Review: Apple HQ Cafeteria

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Maclife reviewed the Apple Cafeteria, perhaps under the guidance of the director of food they poached from Google. The verdict is that the sushi and tomatoes are great, and the automatic tray carousel is pretty snazzy. [Maclife]



I look at the lawn, the umbrellas and I can't help but hear these conversations in my head:

"I'm tempted to use the aluminum forks, but I must say I'm enjoying the less expensive comfort of these plastic ones. Is there any difference between the black one and the white one?...."

"So Jill in accounting bought a Thinkpad last week and since then I haven't seen her. Her daughter called and she sounded worried..."

"My son graduated from high school last week so I'm buying him a new Vaio"

*guards walk over*

"Excuse us sir, but you'll have to come with us."

"No wait but I was just wait wait NOOOOOOOO!"