Revolution Getting Name Change, June Release?

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Some of us here at Gizmodo are ten times more excited about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution than we ever were about the Macbook Pro, so the rumors currently swirling around GDC about how the Revolution might just get a name change and might just be out in June are threatening to make our heads explode.

Saturo Iwata makes his GDC keynote speech tomorrow, so we'll be on tenterhooks before then. If the Revolution does ship in June, it'll make the Sony PS3 the last of the nextgen consoles to ship by at least half a year—the 360 might not be in short supply by then, but Nintendo will probably have more quality games out for their console, as they always do. If the PS3 turns out to be both late and as prohibitively expensive as rumored, and Revolution proves worth all the hype, Sony will have an even harder time playing catch up than we'd all figured.


Nintendo Revolution: Name To Be Changed, June Release? [Kotaku]

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