RIAA to AllofMP3: You Owe Us $1.65 Trillion

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Bloodsucking record labels and their lapdog the RIAA have filed suit in New York federal court against Russian music downloading site Allof MP3.com, seeking $1.65 trillion. That's $150,000 for each song that was downloaded from the site between June and October of last year. The undaunted AllofMP3.com responds, pretty much saying, "Tough shit, you're filing a suit in New York and we're in Russia. Nya nya nya nya nya nya."

Meanwhile, the site is still up and running, gleefully noting that iTunes revenues have decreased by 65% and wishing all a Happy New Year. Beatles songs, DRM-free, for $.17 each? Sounds like a good deal.


RIAA sues AllofMP3 for $1.65 trillion [Zero Paid]

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