RicaVision's Sideshow Bob Vista Remote Is the Best

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Here it comes, an avalanche of Microsoft Vista remotes. And this is the nicest so far. Check out the little VGA screen that'll load up with Gadgets (Vista's version of Mac OS X's widgets) or give you a better view of any photos, videos, or music you're trying to control in the new Media Center interface. It'll work by IR, or more interestingly, Bluetooth. BT is useful for room-to-room command, which is probably a wise implementation since you'll be able to see what's going on, wherever you are in the house, with the 2.5-inch screen. After the jump, there's a nice rendering of the slide down numeric pad.

You know what's messed up? This makes me want to use Windows. Could Sideshow and a new wave of remotes save Vista from being Pogue-bait? I think it just might work.


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