Rick and Morty gets a second season

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Good news! Adult Swim has announced that Rick and Morty is getting a second season! If you're not watching Rick and Morty, you need to start watching it right now.

The animated series centers around a scientist and his grandson (but it's really so much more than that). Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland released this statement about the second season.

"I am excited to make as much Rick and Morty as Adult Swim allows, and I'm relieved to be in a time slot of no strategic value to CBS," said co-creator and executive producer Dan Harmon.

"I am humbled and super excited by the positive response to the show, and we have no shortage of ideas for future episodes," said co-creator and executive producer Justin Roiland.


Now seriously, stop what you're doing and watch the pilot (which we've included above).