Although the original short certainly got into some more out-there, Rick and Morty elements, the sequel definitely pushes aside more of the jidaigeki film homages (even if there’s still plenty of swordsmanship going on) for something a little more shonen, right down to power up special attacks and secret hidden techniques that get to be explained to you before they’re unleashed. It wouldn’t be fair to say either of the Samurai and Shogun shorts were particularly grounded—they’re still both Rick and Morty adventures—but Part 2 is definitely less interested in the tonal mood of the first in favor of a bit more wild hack-and-slash action.


It’s going to be action that’ll need to sustain you for a while—with season five now in the books, it’s probably going to be another long wait before Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim for season six. Maybe we’ll even get a few more shorts along the way?

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