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If you haven't already heard, Blackberry maker Research in Motion Ltd. is in some legal trouble, being sued by patent holding company NTP. Basically, NTP and RIM have been entangled in this legal quagmire since 2002, when NTP originally sued the company for patent infringement and won an injunction to shut down US service. Though, obviously, that penalty hasn't completely gone through, things are heating up again this week, with the case moving back to court after RIM lost a bid to delay it.

"We're not seeing anything that's telling us that people are holding back," Chief Operating Officer Don Morrison told Reuters on the fringes of an industry conference in Munich, when asked whether the court case was damaging its business with current or potential new customers.


That well may be, but if RIM doesn't get down to some serious bargaining (a $450 million settlement fell apart sometime in June) we may all be chucking those Blackeberry's for the Sidekick soon.

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