RMS Titanic Naval Tragedies Are Coming To A Poolside Near You

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Rejoice, for the super rich have found a way to recreate the terrible Titanic tragedy in their over-sized luxury bath tubs.

Or, if you're interested, this remote control RMS Titanic is a mere $2,500 away.

What do you get for that lofty sum? Well, aside from the inevitable date with an ice cube you're already planning in your heads right now, you'll get a six-foot 1:150 scale model that's been hand crafted from 300 pieces over the course of 400 man hours.


Some of those 300 pieces sound pretty impressive too, like the real mahogany and cedar used in the superstructure and detailing. The three propellers guide this Titanic lite around at 5mph for up to three hours. [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo]