Robert Patrick Toys With Our Hearts For Terminator 5

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Director McG loves to toss around names from past Terminator movies, and it seemed to work with getting Arnold and Linda Hamilton. But what about Robert Patrick - will be be coming back for T5?


FearNet asked Robert Patrick if he'd ever consider coming back as the "cell replication scientist" who helped develop the T-1000, an idea McG dreamed up and pitched a while back, for the fifth Terminator installment.

"Yeah, he talked to me about it," said Patrick. "I'm interested. I was listening to him tell me about it. I had no idea that he thought about that. I love McG. He's a great guy. I've worked with him before, had a great experience working with him both times – I did Charlie's Angels 2 and We Are Marshall. And I certainly can't think of anybody to tackle T4 other than him right now.... But we saw each other and he talked to me about it, so we'll see what happens. The sci-fi genre, and specifically that character, is something I'm very proud of. It's what broke me out big to the world. And it's a character that I've lived with ever since, and I kind of carry it with me everywhere I go, for good or bad. So it's obviously something that's very dear to me and real special to me. That was a real special time. That franchise means a lot to me. All of those people were great people to work with. I love ‘em all – Jim Cameron and Arnold and Linda and Eddie. It was a real, real special time in my life."

I love that he loves this character as much as I do. While I'm a little iffy about meeting the T-1000 as a human (because he'll always be the cold blooded "Have you seen this boy" cop to me) it would be great to see him back in the franchise, one way or another.



This is stupid. It was established that the T-1000 that was sent back took its appearance from a future resistance fighter.