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Robot Jordan's Air Junk Dunk Shoes

Illustration for article titled Robot Jordans Air Junk Dunk Shoes

Air Jordan's for the year 2050. On pre-order now. Actually, these circuit board shoes are a piece of art created by Gabriel Dishaw.

This piece was a continuation of my previous piece JUNK DUNK. I wanted to attempt this approach again, with a more refined and detailed outcome. I used very little wire and more glue to keep the piece more clean, and less bulky. I also added new details, a hinged tongue and nike logo's on both the tongue and back of the shoe. On previous models I used a real nike sole to build of off. With this piece I started from scratch and build the sole from circuit boards.


Yeah, but does all of this circuitry actually make me jump like Jordan? I thought not. Besides, this doesn't look like it would offer any arch support. [Gabriel Dishaw via Likecool]

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i've seen those. they are for circuit training.