Robot Snakes Scare the Indy Out of Me

Unlike Indiana Jones, I generally don't hate snakes. But seeing these modular mechanical snakes wriggling up some dude's leg gave me shivers. The video gets scarier still when they start climbing walls and shimmying up the inside of pipes. According to the Carnegie Mellon-based developers, the elaborate "gaits" that let these robot snakes maneuver on land and sea are achieved using low-cost hobby-grade servos. So before you kick sand in the face of some pasty Carnegie Mellon nerd at the Jersey Shore this summer, remember he may have a backpack full of cheap, wriggly killing machines. [CM on YouTube via Make]



Now, I am just going on the assumption that this project involved years of work and thousands of dollars to research... is the cheesy 90's trance music really the best way to package the defining moment of your academic career?