Rock Band for iPhone Looks Just Like the Real Thing, Minus the Plastic Instruments

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Watch your back, Tap Tap Revenge: Rock Band is coming for the iPhone, and it looks slick as hell. And as a bonus, this is one version of Rock Band that won't clutter your living room up with toy guitars.


Mashable got a chance to play around with Rock Band for iPhone, and they loved it:

Don't be fooled by impostors, Rock Band for iPhone is legit. It may have taken a year to build, but the mobile version matches everything you've come to love about the original, right down to the awesome graphics and the ability to hear mistakes. Of course, you're playing on your iPhone, so you'll use your fingers to tap to the rhythms of four different instruments.

The app comes with 15 songs – familiar tracks from past and present – with 5 additional songs that you can unlock as you complete the World Tour, as well as options to buy more. The game supports single-player game play, multi-player mode over Bluetooth, and Facebook Connect integration for inviting friends to play.

I'll admit, playing multiplayer Rock Band over Bluetooth on a bunch of phones sounds like a pretty kickass way to annoy the driver during a road trip. Look for this to hit the app store in the next few weeks for a yet-to-be-disclosed price, which, based on EA's other top-tier iPhone games, will probably be $10. [Mashable]


I'm a Rock Band fan, and as pretty as this looks, these games (Tap Tap Revenge included) are the fast-track to carpal tunnel syndrome.

I played one song in TapTap and my wrist hurt for hours. I couldn't twist it more than 30 degrees or so without pain.