Rock Band Stage Kit Gives You Smoke, Lights, Asthma

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Those fellows over at Destructoid have uncovered the Rock Band Stage Kit, bringing you even closer to your rock star dreams. The yet-to-be-launched peripheral kit was spotted on GameStop's website, retailing for $99.99, all we know is it will include an interactive light and smoke show. Sure, you may think such a kit is totally unnecessary, but you would be wrong, like you were about that "chick" not being a transvestite.

What could be greater than being that bit closer to your rock'n'roll dream? You did stop to notice you are chucking out pseudo riffs on a big, fake plastic guitar, right? Call me an ass, but I'll be in line—it's an interactive light and smoke show, man. Oh, the joy. The screen-cap details the kit shall be dropping on 23rd June, which cannot come to soon for me. Eat my synthetic smoke...wait, let me turn the smoke alarms off and get ready for some self-inflicted bronchial bashing. [Destructoid]

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ha fog machines cost about 20-40 bucks depending on what you want.

as far as lighting goes, if you want to enjoy this for more than about 2 hrs, dont bother. if you want some lights, you can get some nice cheap lighting/fog stuff off of,, etc. do more shopping. screw the crap.