Romulan Planet Drill Now In Testing Stages, For Real

If everything goes well, soon we will be able to reach the center of the Earth using 7200ºF flame jets that can go into any kind of material at 100 feet an hour. Wait, "if everything goes well"?


Yes, apparently this is a great idea because it can be the key to obtain cheap geothermal power. These drills—created by Jared Potter—will go deep into Mother Earth to reach the magma to make geothermal energy wells. The magma will be used then to superheat water and produce electricity using steam and turbines—forever and ever—something that is impossible now even with today's state-of-the-art drilling technology.

Unlike current drilling methods, the flame-jets make holes without touching the rock itself. Potter has two prototypes so far, both with the same results. The first fires a 3200ºF hydrogen flame to heat the rock, making cracks that expand into a full hole in a matter of minutes. The other one superheats a jet of water at 7200ºF and can work at super-deep levels, with extreme pressures.

They are both in the preliminary testing stages, but as you can see in the video, they show promise. If they work, it will be great idea with—hopefully—great benefits for all of mankind.

My primitive self, however, has a funny feeling about this. You know, why do people insist on doing things that may end up badly? Don't we have enough with pandemics and the bloody Apophis and its 3,000 dark comet friends coming to destroy the planet with Pink Floyd music playing on the background soon?

Maybe Mr Potter should get a job as a birthday party magician.




The US tried digging deep back in the 60's and the Russians started in the late 60's, quitting 15 years later.

The US was trying to reach the Mohorovicic Discontinuity, which is the boundary between the earths crust and the mantle.

The US did it where the crust is thin, under 10,000 feet of ocean. They got about 600 feet. They described the experience as, "like trying to drill a hole in the sidewalk, from the top of the empire state building, using a strand of spaghetti..."

The russians tried on land, at the Kola Peninsula, and fared a little better. They got down about 40k feet, or 12km. Too bad the crust was 30-50km deep where they tried.

A lot of interesting things were discovered in these "moHoles", as they were referred to.

But, alas, the MoHoles eventually became, NoHoles, when they gave up.

As a side note......the Russian hole still holds the record for the deepest hole on earth.