Ron Howard's Feet and Unquenchable Thirst Revealed in Shocking Han Solo Set Photo

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Replacement director Ron Howard took the helm of the Han Solo movie Thursday and at least he’s still got a sense of humor.

Howard tweeted the most revealing thing he could about being on the set of the highly-secretive project. A shot so fascinting, so jam-packed with consiquences, the Internet is likely exploding this very moment to post and explore its meaning. Here it is.


Yes! it is confirmed! The Han Solo set is dusty. But whose footprint is that? Howard’s? Boba Fett’s? We don’t know.

There also seems to be plenty of water available. What is the brand? Are they on a desert planet? Who drank that water and did they have to use the bathroom?


Those boots looks very rugged. Maybe they’re used for snow. Is Han Solo back on Hoth in this film? It could be!

And then, the headphones. The real bombshell of this image. What music is Han listening to? Jizz music? That would be massive.


All kidding aside, the official announcement of Howard joining the film said production wouldn’t start again until July 10. I wonder if Howard just decided to jump in headfirst or if he’s going by a previously set schedule?

The untitled Han Solo movie is still scheduled for a May 2018 release and we may find out more about it in a few weeks at the D23 Expo.