Rough Sex? Or Gentle? The Blue Death Star Can Provide Either Way

How will you and your loved one know when you're ready to take your relationship to the naughty level? Simple. The glowing blue Death Star will blare a trippy light show. It's sex, future-style.

This moment from Italian space opera film Cosmos: War Of The Planets is justifiedly legendary. Despite being released around the same time as Star Wars, the film manages to feature a Death Star sex toy, which provides sexual thrillification without the need to remove any clothing — even the dorky Flash Gordon headgear can stay on. Of course, rugged Captain Hamilton feels the need to prove he doesn't need any machines to get his bomp chicka wah wah on. There's always one sex luddite. [IMDB]



I bought this flick at a flea market and tried to watch it a couple of times but never made it this far. Guess I'll have to give it one more try.