Round-Up: Sony 2008 Line Show Goodie Bag

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As you may have noticed, Sony is currently planted in Vegas, announcing gear it withheld from us at CES. The biggest news is the arrival of the BDP S350 and S550, the first full-spec 2.0 Blu-ray players, complete with Ethernet and the long-awaited BD-Live compatibility. On Monday, Sony also gave us two new high-performance Cyber-shots, the W300 and H50. And just this morning they announced everything from a tiny dongle (for Bluetooth audio) to a huge rack (for A/V management), though no TVs or VAIOs. Here are the most interesting highlights:


PFR V1 - Funky head-worn speakers that reflect full-range sound into your ears


NHS 130C - A massive rack-mounted high-definition audio-video system

MDR AS100W - Outdoor sports headphones that convert into earbuds when the workout ends


NWZ A720, A820 and A820K - New 2.4-inch screen A/V Network Walkmans (Walkmen?) with Bluetooth A2DP

- HT-7200, HT-SS2300, HT-CT100 and HT-DDWG700Home-theater-in-a-box systems to accompany Sony's Blu-ray players (sold separately of course)


PS-LX300USB - A USB turntable for converting your old records to MP3


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