Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Burns Media, Streams to iPhone, Transfers Video Files to Your Tivo

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Roxio Toast 10 Titanium is the latest refresh to the do-it-all, disc burning and file converting app. Now it streams media to your iPhone over 3G, and sends video files to your Tivo.


Most, if not all, of the same features found in Toast 9 are still available in Toast 10. This includes burning of CD/DVD Video, Data and Audio discs, as well as Blu-ray data burning. Toast 10 also offers disc-based computer backups, streaming audio recording, Tivo2Go transfers and video compression—not only for disc burning, but also for transfer to portable devices. This time around, however, Roxio upped the ante with their software by not only working with your computer and the media on it, but also a handful of consumer gadgets.

Most notable are the new video streaming and transfer capabilites for iPhone and Tivo that Toast 10 will offer. Though Toast 9 offered video streaming to your iPhone, it could only be done over Wi-Fi. This feature now works over 3G mobile internet, streaming movies from your home computer to your iPhone. The new Tivo Desktop feature in Toast 10 is like Tivo2Go in reverse. You pull whatever video files you have on your computer (and want to watch on your TV), and use Toast 10 to encode and send them to your Tivo for viewing. Various open source versions of this feature have been out for awhile, but they tend to be buggy.


There's also a new flash video ripper, which can automatically rip any video you watch on sites like YouTube and Daily Motion, and then encode and transfer them to a variety of phones and PMPs, such as Blackberries, Palms, and yes, iPods/iPhones. In addition, Toast 10 has one-click backup of video from your AVCHD camcorder to DVD or Blu-ray, which can later be imported to video editing apps such as iMovie. Other features include folder syncing between computers, conversion of audiobooks from CD to MP3, and compiling clips from DVD movies.

Roxio will also offer Toast 10 TitaniumPro, which burns full HD video to Blu-ray or DVD discs that are suitable for playback in Blu-ray players. The pro version also comes with a suite of full version audio and video editing apps.

Toast 10 Titanium and Toast 10 Titanium Pro will be available this month for $100 and $150, respectively. [Roxio]

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Has it already been a year since the last version of Toast? How often does this software really need to be repackaged?