Rubber Swine Turns Anything Smashable Into a Piggy Bank

Saving for retirement is tough, especially when you don't feel you can trust the big banks after all that financial ugliness over the past decade. Your mattress is also a terrible place to acrue funds, but you know what isn't? A half rubber swine that can be crammed into the end of a mug, drinking glass, or a mason jar, turning them into a piggy bank.


You can actually cram the Greedy Pig Money Box into anything with a suitably-sized round opening, like an empty soup can. But for the true piggy bank effect, you'll want to use something that can be easily smashed apart for when it's time to cash out. At $12 it's cheaper than the fees a bank will charge you, and unlike most ATMs, these will happily accept coin deposits. [Suck UK via Notcot]

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