Rubik's TouchCube Is The World's First Touchscreen Rubik's Cube

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Sometimes we don't know what we need, and certain magical companies make that decision for us. I'm afraid Techno Source may have done exactly that with this, the world's first touchscreen Rubik's cube.

The TouchCube works just like its more antiquated brethren, but instead of grinding the actual spinning cogs (manual labor is for suckers!), a simple swipe of the finger in a straight line or an 'L' shape (for rotations) does the trick. There's an accelerometer built in that ensures only the upwards-facing surfaces respond to your touch, so you can still hold the thing.

And it wouldn't be a touchscreen Rubik's cube without a few improvements: namely, the TouchCube can solve itself as you watch, and even teach you, step by step, how to do it. So you can be one of those kids we all marveled at in school (Ben Shepple, this one's for you) who could solve a cube in a matter of seconds. Built-in memory will also save your cube's state if you need to take a break.


Techno Source has spent three years hard at work in their underground puzzle and wonderment factory to bring us the TouchCube, and now, behold, it can be ours. For $150 this fall. We'll try to do some hands-on solving later this week at NYC's massive Toy Fair-be on the lookout for more.