Ruin Phones and Your Eyesight With a 3D-Converting Black Box

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Given the HTC Evo 3D actually hurt our poor reviewer Sam's eyes, do you really want to put your own eyeballs through similar pain? Would you actually pay for that privilege? If so, the TOYin3D should be added to your sadist-wishlist.


It sounds simple enough to use, just by slipping your non-3D phone into this black box, and then lining your virgin eyeballs up to the box's eyeholes. From there, you can watch movies on your iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia or BlackBerry Torch handsets, or even your iPod Touch and Sony PSP. If you dare to slip your Nintendo 3DS in there though, I think your eyeballs may actually fall out of their sockets in shock. [ToyIn3D via TheNextWeb]