Rum pours from the nostrils of this massive devil horse cake

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How do you follow up a pony-sized unicorn cake with rainbow filling? If you're the Tattooed Bakers, you don't rest on your equine laurels and instead concoct a demonic rotting horse-shaped confection with liquid rum snot.

Following the unicorn's meadow that was Baketopia, the Tattooed Bakers participated in Feed The Beast 2013, adding this monstrous confection to the festivities. Kraken rum poured from the horse cake's nostrils and into a skull font below. And the cake's interior is red velvet, meaning it looked perfectly gory even as the partygoers dug into its sugary hide.


Head over to Miss Cakehead's blog for more photos of the cake; all of its various gashes look much better photographed up-close than from a distance.

Meet Devil Horse – The Ultimate Halloween Cake [Miss Cakehead via Boing Boing]