Rumor: Apple Tapping Nvidia for Newest MacBook Pros

The drooliest MacBook Pros are around the corner, so we hear, and they're going to be pretty swanky! And here's a nice cherry on top: the Pro models will have Nvidia's newest, fastest graphics.

The Verge cites Verge alumna Joanna Stern alongside an anonymous "a trusted source" who says the new MBP fleet will "feature Nvidia graphics alongside Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, a switch from the AMD GPUs in the current models." This is bad news for any Radeon fans, but great news for anyone afraid Apple was going to dabble in Intel's ever-mediocre integrated graphics game. 9to5Mac says it'll be the GeForce GT 650M—based on Nvidia's newest "Kepler" technology—which would particularly swell. We will see for sure so very soon. [The Verge]


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