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Rumor: Best Buy May Only Have Four Palm Pres Per Store on Launch Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Want a Palm Pre at Best Buy on launch day? Better get that sleeping bag ready, because rumor has it that there'll be an average of only four per store. Four!

According to Boy Genius, Best Buy will be getting about 4,250 Pres in total to spread out to around 1,000 stores. Not too many! This gives credence to the rumor that there are only going to be about 30,000 units in total available on launch day, which should make for a good number of people leaving empty handed.


Even if these numbers are accurate, it doesn't necessarily mean that each store would get exactly four—presumably they would be distributed to the places where the demand would be highest and the experience would presumably be the best (so like more in NYC, fewer in Akron, Ohio). Still, you're gonna want to get your popcorn ready, folks, because it sure sounds like we've got a shitshow coming up. [Boy Genius]