Rumor: LG Planning to Release Dual Blu-ray/HD DVD Player

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An internal memo allegedly from LG s U.S. sales VP Bob Perry says the company is planning to ship a disk player compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD in the late summer or early fall. In the memo, Perry also said LG s BD199 Blu-ray player, which we saw the company demonstrating at CES in January, won't ship as planned this spring because of uncertainty in this early stage of the market for prerecorded high-definition optical disks. LG is one of those companies that swings both ways with the new HD disks; it signed up with the HD DVD team as well as the Blu-ray group.


Too bad we have to wait six months just to see one of these dual-format players. Samsung was hinting around last fall about releasing a dual-format unit, but that company has backed away from that idea in recent months. So now LG is our only hope for one of these bi-discual players.

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