Rumor: New Apple TVs with Mystery Features Coming Soon

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Thanks to a keen-eyed Apple fanboy, rumors of new Apple TVs are starting to spread. Why? Well, it appears that the Apple TV "Buy Me" page has a "Select Your Apple TV" option up top. That option is only used when the product has various models (like the Mac mini).


Apple is gonna have new Apple TVs regardless of any Web mistakes, no doubt. The real question is how will it trump the current model? Bigger hard drive? Support for additional video formats? Those would be my two requests. What would you guys ask for?

Apple Planning Additional Apple TV Models [Apple TV Hacks via CrunchGear]



"WARNING: Customer Must Have or Buy HDMI Cable for AppleTV to Work."

I like it. We need to do a better job of warning customers. Perhaps all boxes that hook to a TV should have a label: "WARNING: No TV included." Let's make certain we warn everyone of everything they are not getting with their purchase.

(Um.. I believe the AppleTV can hook up via other sources than HDMI. Does the Xbox even have an HDMI port? Or is that some future fix they are working on themselves?)