Illustration for article titled Rumor: No-Contract Palm Pre Could Cost $1,000 During June 7 Best Buy Trial Run

This is wild speculation at best, but the price point was simply too high to ignore: $1,000 for a no-contract Palm Pre when Best Buys get them for a trial run on June 7.

Unbelievable? Probably, yes, but the other rumored price points are more in line with what we'd expect them to be. Those being $200 for new customers w/2-year contract; and $300 for existing customer upgrades.


If you're choking on dinner after reading "$1,000," we are too, especially in light of our post on the iSupply estimate that pegged the Pre at $170. And yes, we know the software adds to the price, but that's still a hefty hike even when we factor in the whole making a profit part.

The other Best Buy part of the rumor is a bit more plausible, but we're still munching on salt this evening. Every Best Buy will allegedly have at least one Palm Pre to sell, with 4,500 total going out nationwide on June 7. Who's ready to drop a grand on a smartphone? [BGR]

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