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Rumor: Origami Has Custom Pen-Friendly Launcher

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An anonymous reader writes:

[The above image] is in fact a screen shot of the emulator MS has been providing to their software partners - which also look similar to the reference design MS created.

The interface under is not windowblinds as one commenter posted, but is program launcher that will ship on the devices. This does not replace explorer or the standard XP GUI, but just runs as a startup app (by default) to give easier 'touch' access to apps.

There has been quite a bit of questioning about whether or not Origami is a full-blown version of Windows XP (or even Vista) or some sort of embedded, WinCE-like hybrid. We feel that those confused have missed the whole point of Origami, which is to provide a full desktop experience on a portable device.