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Good news Europeans. Those reports last week with Ballmer stating that Microsoft had no plans to import the Zune to Europe were mistaken, thanks to a mistranslated German article.

That picture on the left? That's Ballmer telling people to hold the fuck up and pay attention to what he really said:

Our primary goal was to get into market, offer some innovation and do some learning. The US is always an easy place to practice, because it is our home market. Over time, we will have various versions of Zune. And, it is obvious that we need to have new services, not just an internet music store. So far, we have lost money in this business because of our investments. That is why we decided not to enter new markets so far. It will only pay off after we have reached some of the goals outlined. When this will be the case, I cannot tell you today.


This, in response to a question about when the Zune was heading to Europe. Ballmer didn't say anything we already knew, but it did get misinterpreted/mistranslated into a story about how Zunes aren't going to Europe.