Rumor: Sony Working on an Android Walkman

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Sony's X-Series Walkman fares well in a straightforward spec war, but PMP hardware is becoming less important than software and apps, such that Sony—and others—may have to change their tack. Some analysts say they've already started—with Android.

The reports comes from Impress Watch, who says the company is working on an Android PMP, and possibly satnav, but offers few details beyond that. They sound fairly confident, describing Sony's interest in Android for non-phone devices as an "open secret."

The possibility is compelling: Android is free, customizable, and already has media playing capabilities built in. It's suited to touchscreens, and has a fantastic web browser. Most importantly, it's got a decent app store—a feature that has propelled Apple's iPod Touch miles ahead from its competition over the past year. For now, though, it's not clear how much of this report is based on actual inside information, and how much is based on some analyst's theory that if he just keeps saying Sony will make intelligent decisions, they eventually will. [Impress Watch]