Rumor: WP7 Mango Phones Don't Need No Stoopid Hardware Buttons

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So Nokia's first WP7 phone won't have any hard buttons under the screen. Fair enough; we knew Microsoft was granting Nokia a few special powers on the design front. But what if buttons aren't needed...on any WP7 Mango phones?

Perpetually in-the-know Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweeted that "according to design guideline there no need to put hardware buttons on front. Samsung, LG, HTC will have such phones." When WP7 Mango hardware is announced, there could be a distinct lack of home, search, menu and back buttons, in other words. Would that affect your purchase of a WP7 phone, readers? Or are soft-touch buttons no longer needed in 2011? [@EldarMurtazin via ThePhoneBlog via WMPowerUser]

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