Run For a Better World, Stack Some Blocks, and Crazy Pandas are Crazy

Running's good for you. Running and jumping between buildings, not so much. I guess if you're trying to save the world, and it's free, and an app, it's okay. If saving civilization seems like too much pressure for a Friday, you could snuggle up with some Tetris, or make a panda puzzle friend. Plus, if you're going see any kids this holiday season, you might as well load up the ol' Android with a kid-friendly app deal of the day.


iOS: Tetris for iPad - $3

Tetris, you are a cruel mistress. You don't try to dazzle me with 3D renderings of mythical creatures and window-rattling explosions. Instead you get inside my head with your geometric shapes and mesmerizing soundtrack. It doesn't matter that I've purchased you on every gaming platform I've ever come in contact with. I can't quit you Tetris. I just can't. Dropped from $8 to $3. [Appshopper]

iOS: Crazy Panda - Free

Who doesn't love pandas? Well besides Brian. Instead of boring us with sad panda facts, the slingshot-based puzzle game has 36 levels of fun to help us forget the plight of the endangered species. If pandas bum you out, or just piss you off, you can play as a gorilla or a chinchilla. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Appsylum]


iOS: Mirror's Edge - Free

Parkour! Sorry I couldn't help myself. Play as runner Faith Connors as she attempts to stop a deadly threat in a perfect world, by running. But not just any running! You can tread up walls, ride zip lines, and leap between buildings. Hopefully in a single bound. Just remember not to try these at home. But if you do, please shoot video of it as a warning to others. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]


Android: Snow Go Kiddo - Free


Even if you don't have kids, there's a good chance you're going to encounter some during the holidays. Eventually they'll scam your Android device out of your hands. Kids are sneaky that way. Unless you want them screwing up your Angry Birds game, grab the free Snow Go Kiddo. The rug rat can play with the five different holiday-themed activities in the app. Most of them involve placing virtual stickers on elves and Santa to make them look silly. Kids love that stuff. Hey you might like it too. I'm not here to judge. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Amazon]

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