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Rupert Murdoch, News Corp potentate and noted evil person, yesterday announced his company is "investing in a new device that has a bigger screen [than the Kindle], [and] four colors," adding, "THE KINDLE MUST PERISH."


The statement, gleaned and confirmed by AllThingsD's Peter Kafka, is a surprise to everyone, and wasn't accompanied by many real details. A crucial fact here is the News Corp isn't designing an eBook reader; they're investing in a company that makes them. Kafka puts forward a few possible names, including Plastic Logic and Hearst, but both of their planned products are said to be black-and-white only.

Fujitsu has a color reader on the market already, but it's of a different breed than Murdoch seems to be talking about, with 260k colors and an exorbitant $1000+ price tag. We'll have to wait and see on this one, but probably not for too long—this is a guy who, for better or for worse, means what he says—and the Kindle is begging for some decent competition. [AllThingsD]


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