Russia Ponders Banning Same-Sex Emoji

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Not content with simply beating the shit out of LGBT people, Russia is now reportedly thinking of banning “gay emoji”, a move that I’m sure will prove instrumental in removing all gay propaganda from technology and the internet.

According to a report in Izvestia newspaper, Russia’s media regulator could ban emoji which depict same-sex couples from social media. The investigation into the emoji (sadly serious) was triggered by a complaint from Russian senator Mikhail Marchenko, who is concerned that the emoji featuring happy, non-assaulted same-sex couples is in violation of Russia’s 2013 law banning promotion of ‘non-traditional’ relationships.

The law is the same that Russia has been using over the last few years to persecute the LGBT community in the country, through a mixture of official harassment and arrests, and turning a blind eye to vigilante homophobic armies.



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