Russian Man Jailed For Destroying 50,000 Cellphones

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In 2006, Russian police seized 50,000 cellphones over claims that the devices exceeded radiation emission levels. Recently, a prosecutor named Dmitry Latyshev ordered the destruction of those phones. Problem? He wasn't authorized to do that. And there's a conspiracy.

Latyshev is being tossed into jail for the next 15 years over this mess, but that's not where the conspiracy theories kick in. You see, the former co-owner of Yevroset, the company from whom the phones were seized, is currently in the UK and fighting an extradition treaty. Apparently he claims "that the seizure of the phones was part of an ongoing campaign to force his company to pay bribes to customs officials."


I wonder how high the expected bribes were if the punishment for not paying them involved the seizure of $1.5 million in cellphones. [Cellular News via Intomobile]

Image by Peter Grosch/ShutterStock