Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool's Face, Fixes Everything X-Men Did Wrong

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The Deadpool movie is currently filming in Vancouver, which means scads of photos are pouring from the set, revealing fun spoilers for all die-hard fans. This included one incredibly great look at Ryan Reynold's' new character face for Wade Wilson beneath the Deadpool mask.

For those of you unaware, one of the many skills Deadpool possesses is a superhuman healing, similar to Wolverine (because it was derived from Wolverine's super healing mutant gene) but much more powerful. Deadpool volunteers to undergo this mutation transformation, but while he was getting his superhero gene therapy he also had cancer, and the interaction between his cancer and the new superpower gave him terrible scars all over his body.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine sidestepped this entire plot by turning Deadpool into some mindless superweapon with his mouth sewn shut. But thisnew picture from the Deadpool movie set seems to set everything straight. Here's Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (which we've seen before but not in this clarity) — note the scars!


This looks a lot more like the Deadpool from the comics, and not the bastardized version from the past movie, and that's a great thing. We're not sure how the backstory will come into play, but he already looks way better than we could have imagined. Can't wait.