Sales Through Xbox Live "Probably" Topped $1 Billion Last Year

Illustration for article titled Sales Through Xbox Live "Probably" Topped $1 Billion Last Year

Microsoft's long-term plan to make money from our bored purchases of pretend baseball caps for avatars is paying off, with the company reported to have smashed the $1bn barrier in Xbox Live sales in the last 12 months.


Around $600m of that comes from Xbox Live subscribers, with over half the company's 25m Live users paying for a Gold subscription—and Microsoft has now said that sales of films, TV shows, avatar nonsense and additional game content have topped that figure for the first time.

The end result means we've spent over $1bn buying tiny things through Microsoft's box. Hence PlayStation Plus. [Bloomberg via VG247]



I don't own an Xbox...and moms don't play them. That pic was photoshoped...