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Samsung Crafts an Underwater Flip Cam Clone

Illustration for article titled Samsung Crafts an Underwater Flip Cam Clone

Samsung's new W200 digital camcorder is very, very similar to the recently murdered Flip. It looks the same, functions the same, and has about the same quality (1080p at 30 FPS). But it's got a trick—it swims.


The W200's waterproof up to three meters, and ruggedized against nasty falls. We still think the smartphone is both the culprit of Flip's death and its rightful successor, but just try dropping your iPhone 4—or going to the ocean with it. The W200's depth range is small in comparison to our other waterproof favorites, Panasonic's TS3 and Pentax's W80—but it'll cost about half as much at $160. Have fun explaining that at the Genius Bar. The W200 also snaps 5 MP stills, but we have a feeling the main draw will be for those who want to capture video where a smartphone might wuss out. Check for it in May. [Samsung]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I don't know if Samsung still operates this way, but a few years ago, I read an article stating that Samsung's business model was heavily influenced by copying things that have already been proven to work rather than researching and developing their own things. This kept their R&D costs extremely low as compared to other tech companies resulting in higher bottom lines.