Samsung has announced it's got a new 13.3-inch display with a staggering 3200 x 1800 resolution ready to plop into new Ultrabooks. Take that, MacBook Retina and Chromebook Pixel.

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Greg the Mad

I got a Vaio Duo 11 last week, with 1080p, with the problem that the desktop interface if almost to small to use, even with mouse(almost, I have enough dexterity, but a bigger interface would be nice never the less).

You can scale windows up to have bigger buttons and all, but it does so by telling apps to render at a smaller resolution and blowing it up to 1080p, which results in terrible looking apps.

Windows and their app developers really should start to rethink UI scalability for their apps.

Edit: Then again, I just played Skyrim on that thing, and have to say that the pixel density would be awesome for games.